Valentine's Day, 2016!

Valentine’s! What a fun holiday. Any excuse for excessive chocolate is a winner in my book….because obviously. I’m all about that! I’m not ashamed to say that the candy is my favorite part of most holidays. Valentines chocolates, Cadbury mini eggs for Easter, Halloween candy… okay yeah. Maybe I have a problem? 

But anyways. We had such a fun Valentine’s Day this year! 

Boston was sooooo excited for his preschool Valentines party, and he made sure to write all of his friends’ names on their cards before class. (P.S., How is he old enough to write words????? I mean where does the time go????? My gosh. They really do grow up at light speed.) But it was SO fun to help out with his party. He loved it!  

^His teacher snapped this photo, and I was dying at his expression. The sass!!^
^...and this one. He kills me!^
^What's a preschool party without pizza?^
^I love this boy. He is getting way to big.^
We lucked out by having my sister Sydney in town for Valentine's Day this year, so she offered to watch the kiddos while we snuck away for a date! We went out for sushi and Pad Thai, and had a full-length conversation without being interrupted. It was glorious!! (#theparentlife) It's always so fun to sneak away with Jordan for some one-on-one time. I love him!

^Still dreaming about this sushi. YUM.^

While we were on our date, she was the best babysitter in town and made heart cookies with the boys. They got completely covered in flour and frosting, and had a blast!! We owe her BIG.

^Things got a little wild up in the kitchen. Haha!^
^Love this Aunt Syd!^
On Sunday, we got dressed up in our Valentine's Day Sunday best and snapped some photos before church. Because of course! (Luckily Syd was here to help with our mini-photo shoot, because she's definitely the master.)

You know what, there are few things I love more than cute little boys in their church clothes. I mean the bow ties? The suspenders? SO FREAKING CUTE! I cannot handle it.
^Things got off to a rocky start with little Holland boy, but a few banana puffs later, and he was good as new!^
^This is my favorite pair of hooligans that ever lived.^
^I was playing peek-a-boo to get Holland to smile, and Cam thought he should do the same. Haha!^
^Boston. Hahaha!^
^Mid-air Camden!!^
^The favorite shot of the bunch. I LOVE THESE BOYS!^
After we got a few cute photos, we had to smooch the boys' faces with some bright red lipstick. Because obviously!!!! Valentines!! And they are so squishy and kissable and we could not resist.

^Camden Race, age 2.5^
^Boston Emery, age 4.5^
^Holland Beck, age 9.5 months^
^These little giggle-monsters! My gosh, they're equal parts cute and crazy.^
^My three tiny Valentines. (My main squeeze was in church meetings. Haha!)^
^They love their Aunt Syd!!!^

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day with the people you love most!!
We had a great one.


  1. {sigh} I just love those squishy boys! And I miss your face, lady!

  2. {sigh} I just love those squishy boys! And I miss your face, lady!