Our first Louisville Cards game!

Ahhh, baseball season. IT'S FINALLY HERE!

You should probably know that I basically grew up on the ball field. My dad has played for as long as I can remember, so a lot of my childhood memories involve the sun on metal bleachers, the smell of leather baseball gloves, and eating sunflower seeds at games. We spent most weekends at the ball field, eating healthy meals of hot dogs and airheads from the snack shack. We always got covered in dirt, and we couldn't have cared less. It was soooooo fun.

Lucky for me, Jordan pretty much grew up on baseball too. He loves it, I love it, and our boys are already obsessed with it. (I have no idea why? haha jk!) It is already such a blast. Boston literally asked me almost every day this winter if it was springtime yet, because he knew that baseball started up when it got warmer. He was counting down the days until baseball, and it was stinking adorable.

So when we found out a few weeks ago that the weather was going to be perfect and sunny on a Louisville Cardinals game day, we had no choice but to drop everything and go. Because OF COURSE. It basically sounded like we told our boys they were going to Disneyland instead of a baseball game...because they could not stop squealing with excitement!

"Mom, can we wear our jerseys??"
"Mom, can we ask the baseball guys if we can practice with them for a minute?"
"Mom, we should probably bring our gloves and balls, just in case."
"Mom, are we going to miss the game?? Drive faster!!" (that one was said at least a trillion times.)

They were in Heaven, and so were we. We had such a fun time! 
^We snagged this guy straight from work! I'm so glad he could come with us.^
^The excitement in Boston's face...and the 'I couldn't care less' in Holland's face. THEY KILL ME.^
^Cam wasn't so sure how he felt about the loud cheering at first. He warmed up after the nachos. Haha!^
^The only picture I got of the actual game...on snapchat. Whoops! haha^
^This is what it's all about.^
^This was his "basebaw batter pose"^
^These two big kids thought they would sneak up into the high seats to cheer by themselves. I love them.^
^I love this Holland Beck.^
^Stealing popcorn from his buddies.^

I can't wait to go to at least a thousand more baseball games this summer.
Bring on the warm weather!!
We are so ready.

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