Destin, Florida: Part III (Last Bits of Vacation!)

I feel so lucky that we got to go to Destin for our Thanksgiving break. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

I mean granted, we did have our moments. Like when all of the kids were screaming in the car because they were tired and hungry.... or like when we had to take a THREE HOUR DETOUR around major construction on the freeway (Whaaaaaat??), or when we watched The Jungle Book twelve times on the iPad while driving to keep the kiddos happy... you get the idea. Haha! But that's kind of the fun of road trips. Making funny memories that you will laugh about for years to come, even if they might not seem so laughable in the moment!

And you'd better believe that since the moment we drove away from the beach, we've been scheming of a way to get back soon. Because man, a little beach and sunshine just does a body GOOD.

Here are a few final photos!

^I LOVE HIM. And how cute are his rolls in shorts??^
^Camden was convinced this animal was a dolphin. Haha! Also, note the Christmas tree in the back. So trippy!^
^SHAKES! If you are in Destin, GO HERE. You can thank me later!^
^"Mom, look! I'm swimmin' wif the sharks!"^
^Blurry pirate Cam!^
^Boston is OBSESSED with maps. He loves them, and cannot get enough of studying them with his daddy.^
^Cam, on the on the other hand....well, he'd rather just rip it to shreds. Haha!^
^Walking to the beach. And can we talk about that green grass in November?! Just a dream.^
^This is how he felt when we said we couldn't live in Florida forever. I totally relate.^
^"I'm the Flash!!"^
^This is my kind of nap. Actually who am I kidding? Any nap is my kind of nap.^
^Fat baby in a tent!^
^The boys were not impressed by my sand lady. I wonder why?? Haha. Hey, at least I gave it an effort.^
^"I'm diggin' for she-shells, Momma!"
^Dinner at a yummy Mexican place on our last night in Destin. P.S., I love this boy.^
^And I love these ones, too!^
^And lastly, this purple baby. Thanks to the weird restaurant lighting? Haha. And yet, still adorable.^
^McMurtrey fam, November 2015^
Well, that's the last of them, folks!
We had such a fun trip.  (If you didn't already know by me saying that at least a thousand times. Haha.) But really, it was awesome.

I can't wait to do it again soon!

(P.S. If you haven't seen the video Jordan made, click here!)

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