{Texas Girls Trip} Part II: Everything DALLAS!

Hey guys. Have I told you how much fun I had in Dallas? Maybe like once or twenty times? Okay good, just checking. BECAUSE IT WAS SO FUN!!!

We crammed so much fun and food and sight-seeing into a few short days, and it was awesome. My mom and I only overlapped a couple of days, so we tried to do as much as we could while all three of us were together. I can't even tell you how many times we looked at each other and said, "Why don't we do girls' trips more often??" After this trip, we definitely resolved to do more.

And so! The photos. Because what else is a blog post for?
^We were dying when we saw this photo of my mom lovingly gazing at Syd. DYING!^
^We got to visit Syd at her office at Brain Balance, and she was the cutest.^
While Syd was at work one day, my mom and I went to the Dallas, Texas LDS Temple! It was so good to be there together. It's pretty incredible how no matter where you are in the world, stepping into a church building or temple immediately makes it feel like home. We loved going there!
^Best pic we could get of the temple. iPhone propped up on the car for the win!^

After Syd got off work, we headed to grab some food at Torchy's Tacos! And oh my gosh. They were soooooo good. I almost died when I tried the shrimp taco. AMAZING.
^This is like the worst photo ever. But I have to post it, because it was just that good.^

After dinner, we treated my mom to her FIRST EVER pedicure. You guys, she had never had a pedicure before. Can you believe this madness??? Four kids, one thousand moves, endless hours and hours of PTA meetings, countless minutes of driving us to and from activities, months of nursing school.... Yeah. I'd say it was high time for this lady to get a pedicure.

And let me tell you what, they did not disappoint. AMAZING.
^We are goobers.^
^This moment tenderly brought to you by Snapchat.^
...And then it was time for an ice cream run. Because when in Texas, you must get the bluebell!!!!!!
^My mom took this photo of me, happily eating a pint of bluebell in my bed. People, this is all I need in life.^

Another day, we headed downtown to wander and ride the trolley around Dallas. I'm pretty sure we could have spent daaaaaaaayyys exploring just downtown, because holy cow, there were so many cute places to shop/ eat at/ see. Such a fun vibe!
^Riding the cute trolley!^
^We ended up at this INCREDIBLE Thai place. Best Tom Kha gai of my life!^
^Love that sunset.^

After my mom left, Syd and I went downtown again one day to squeeze in some more sight-seeing! First up on our list was Dealey Plaza and the JFK memorial.

^Behind me is where JFK's car was when he was shot.^
^This is the building where he was shot from. The third window up!^
^Syd on The Grassy Knoll^
^ I took this photo in the visitor's center...and then I got in trouble for it. Whoops.^
After JFK, we hopped in an Uber and headed to the Dallas Farmers Market! It was such a cute place. I was so busy soaking it in, that I literally only got one picture there. Oh well! Haha.

Then we hopped in another Uber and went to the Dallas Museum of Art! (Oh, blessed Ubers in the 150 degree heat.)(Just kidding, it wasn't that hot.)(I'm just a wimp.)

But the museum! It was so cool! And it was free, which is always awesome.
^"Hey Syd, do what that statue's doing."^
^This one weirdly reminded me of my kids?^
^Also, a chair made of stuffed pandas. Because OBVIOUSLY.^
^Then we had popsicles. Because we were hot.^
So much fun. Seriously.

One more batch of photos + a video, coming up soon!!


  1. I love seeing all these fun photos! What a perfect trip! PS: please tell me where Syd got her shirt she's wearing on the last day...I've been searching for one like that!

    1. Target Target Target! It is so cute, huh??