{Texas Girls Trip 2016} Part I: WACO & MAGNOLIA!

 You guys!! AH! I am so excited to show you these photos.

For an amazing early birthday present this year, Jordan bought me a plane ticket to visit my sister in Dallas, Texas. He knew my mom was flying in to Texas for a few days, so he planned and coordinated everything behind the scenes to get me there too. He is amazing. He watched ALL THE BABIES while I spent a few days with my cute mom and sister, and it was the best!! I still just can't get over the whole thing.

The day after I flew in, we drove an hour and a half to Waco, Texas, so that all of my dreams could come true! If you have no clue what I'm talking about, go watch Fixer Upper on HGTV, and you will understand. (Soooo good!!!!) I am just a tad obsessed with Chip & Jo & their Magnolia empire, so this day could seriously not be more perfect.

Ok now, ready for a thousand photos???? (Because come on, now. You can't expect me to go to Magnolia and not take a thousand photos!) Here we go!

^So perfect. Sigh.^
^I immediately wanted to buy everything inside. SERIOUSLY THOUGH!^
^Such a fun store. Also I bought that vase behind me. SO CUTE.^
^We spotted Jane Pauley from The Today Show inside the market! Here's a super blurry pic to prove it.^
^The silos!^
 When we were done shopping, we wandered over to the food trucks for some lunch! The whole outside area of the shop was just immaculate. So picture-perfect!! (which is why I have a zillion photos. Haha!)
^Our food truck of choice!^
^I got a hot chicken & egg biscuit with fresh french fries & homemade dipping sauce. YUM.^
^Can we just take a moment to appreciate this goodness?^
^It was a little tricky to eat. Haha!^
^Love this sister of mine.^
^Big, blue Texas sky!^
^So much fun with these people!!^


Next up on the Fixer-Upper tour of Waco was Clint's shop! (He is Chip & Jo's carpenter! He can basically build anything your heart desires.) You guys, this shop was soooo cute. If I hadn't have bought everything at Magnolia, I totally would have bought everything here. #whoneedsbudgets

^So fun to actually BE somewhere you see all the time on your favorite show!^
^Found a placeholder with my name on it. I'm basically famous.^
^Syd bought the cutest shelf there!^


After Clint's shop, we headed over to the cutest little place called Spice Market. It was basically a giant warehouse turned into a boutique, and we loved it. We seriously spent hours wandering! (I only have like two photos here...because I was too busy spending money. Whoops.)


Then we got tired of shopping and decided to try our hand at modeling.
Because obviously.
 So yeah. Anyone want to get some modeling contracts written up for us? We are super great at looking natural for the camera and everything.
 Hahaha! Kidding, kidding.
We are pretty stupid. And it's fun.

 Then we headed out of town, but not before we grabbed some famous Czech pastries for the road. (SOOOOO GOOD.)

Ah. Seriously, this day. It could not have been more perfect.
If you are a Fixer-Upper fanatic/ addict/ fan girl/ lunatic like I am, you need to just go. Or if you still don't have a clue what I'm talking about, you should go too. Because you will have a blast. You seriously won't regret it!!

It was the best.

(More photos from our girls trip, coming up next!)

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