{Girls Trip} Part III: McKinney, TX!

I can't even tell you how weird it was to be somewhere without my kids. It's the first time I've ever done anything sans children/ a baby since being a mom, and it was kind of trippy. And pretty awesome. I missed them SO BAD, but it was so good for my soul to laugh with my mom and sister, to eat good food, to walk around shops at night, and lay by the pool.

One morning Sydney had to go to work early, so I slept in as long as I wanted. Then I made myself a ginormous breakfast in her quiet kitchen (SO GOOD) before I snuck off to the pool to read for a couple of hours. It was so simple, but it really was heaven.

^Scrambled eggs with fresh marinara, sliced turkey, avocado w/lime, and strawberries. DELISH.^
^Pool time!^

After Syd got home, we got ready and headed to McKinney Square for dinner and some window shopping! It was seriously adorable. The antique shops, the little restaurants, just everything. So quaint and perfect. Also, we ate the most delicious pizza of my life.
^Half chicken margarita, half pulled brisket. Amazing!^
^This is super flattering of me. I'm making a really attractive face.^
^I pretty much wanted to buy everything in all of the shops.^
^Then we went to a candy store and bought a zillion things. And we ate all of these sour strips.^
^She is a really good sister. We were missing our other sister, Whitney!! (Girl, you're coming next time.)^
^I could not get enough of the big Texas sunsets!^

A little bit later we grabbed Syd's friend Katie and ventured out for more food. Because what else is vacation for, but to eat yourself silly??

We ended up with some pretty sub-par burgers from Hop Doddys, but we diiiiiiid find the best popsicles of my life. Toasted coconut!! Just out of this world.
^See the line? Out the door. As it should be!!^
^This is a super flattering picture. She is going to love that I'm posting this.^

On my last day, we went to McKinney Square just one last time so that Syd could take me to Snug. It was basically the cutest brunch spot I've ever seen. Also, the omelette I ordered weighed as much as a small child. It was HUGE. And soooo good!

As sad as I was to leave, I was sooooo ready to be back home to Jord and the babies. Especially when I kept getting FaceTime calls and snaps like this:

Yeah, I couldn't WAIT to kiss their sweet faces again. Also, isn't Jord just the best? Not only did he keep all of the babies for a few days, but he took them out and did such fun things with them. I am seriously so lucky to have that Jordan McMurtrey in my life. He is my favorite.

But anyways. Syd dropped me off at the airport, and I just happened to be on a flight with my brother's CLONE. I legitimately thought it was him for like five minutes. So I creepily stalked him and took a photo. Because obviously. 
^TANNER! This guy is YOU.^
^Refreshed, relaxed, and ready to be home with my boys.^
Guys, this trip was so good for my soul. It helped me to unwind, and to be grateful for everything I have. Being away for a bit helped me to remember what kind of mother and wife I wanted to be when I got back home. It was just what I needed.

Thanks for the amazing time, Syd & Momma Gillman! And thanks for everything you did so that I could go, Jord. You're incredible. Best birthday/ Mother's Day gift in the world!!

(Video of our trip, hopefully coming soon!)

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