During Fall Break we found the cutest little pumpkin patch here in Elizabethtown, and the kids LOVED it. I took the two older boys there one day to paint pumpkins, and they thought it was the greatest thing ever. They loved it!
^Love that fuzzy little head.^
While their pumpkins dried in the hot sun, they ran over to the cute play area to get some wiggles out. There was a hay maze, a tee-pee, tractors to drive, cornhole, and they were loving every minute.

Then we went over to the pumpkins to pick out our favorite ones! We didn't buy any, but decided to come back asap with Holland to pick some pumpkins to carve. (They are so cute, and they always want Holland to be involved. It's adorable.)
^Cutest Camden boy.^
^"Look at our muscles, momma!"^
^Boston named this guy "Mr. Pumpkin Head Scarecrow." Very original.^
^Love these crazies.^
^Cutest little punkins.^
They had a blast. Then we went home that night and made caramel apples! Because nothing says Fall like pumpkin patches and caramel apples. Two thumbs up!

A few days later, we headed back to the pumpkin patch. This time we had Holland in tow, so he could pick his own pumpkin and experience the fun that the older boys had earlier.

We probably picked the hottest day of Fall to go back. I'm not kidding...it was like 90 degrees. Haha! Luckily the boys didn't seem to mind at all, and had a blast picking out pumpkins.
^Pure joy! I love this Camden Race.^
^Holland kept trying to pick the most awkward pumpkins, like these green gourds. Luckily I'm the mom and can overrule him most times. Haha!^
^Boston bug.^
^Love the shifty-eyes, Holland! Haha this cracks me up so much.^

After they picked their pumpkins, they headed over to the hay maze to play! We were the only ones in the whole place, and it was awesome. (Other people were probably not crazy enough to go pumpkin picking in the insane heat. But hey, YOLO. Haha!)
^King of the castle!^
^Mr. Potato Head pumpkins! They played with these forever. Such fun idea!^
^Meanwhile, this boy was melting my heart with that grin.^
^Brotherly love.^
^"Mom, look at my cool eye patch!"^

So fun!!

We didn't wait too long to have a family pumpkin carving party. The boys pretty much begged every day to do it, and couldn't wait to carve out their "cool pumpkin faces." They loved it, and had so much fun digging into the pumpkin guts. Kids are weird like that. (I get sooooo grossed out by it. Bleh!) But hey, it makes for some cute photos!
^Look at Holland checking out his belly in the background.^
^Oh therrrrrre we go. Hahaha!^
^Holland's first time carving pumpkins! He got so into it.^
^Why is this the cutest thing in the world??^
They couldn't wait to take them out on the porch and light them up!

They are cute. They make my life so fun.

So much fun.

I love Fall, and I love my three little pumpkins.

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