Nashville weekend, part II!

 (To see part I of our quick Nashville visit, go here!)

I love Nashville. It's such a unique city! We had so much fun spending the weekend there with some of our friends!

After we left the Parthenon, we headed downtown to Broadway Street. If you're ever in Nashville, Broadway Street is a must!! With musicians playing in every store/ restaurant/ bar and on the sidewalk, it is so much fun to listen as you walk down the street. As we walked, Boston said, "Mom, this is awesome! There are like a hundred concerts happening right now!" haha. So fun!

(side note: If you come with kiddos, definitely come during the day. Jord and I have been here for a concert at nighttime...and it's definitely a different atmosphere! Think: Vegas? haha)

^Love this crazy bunch of mine!^

We had to make a stop at the candy store, of course, because remember all of our children? Also, I really wanted a hot praline. SO INCREDIBLE. The kids loved filling up little bags with candy, and I'm pretty sure they ate half of it before we even walked down the street. Haha!
^"Wook at all of my tandies, momma!"^
^Yay for candy!^
^Holland was like, "I'm super tired, but this sucker is good."^
^My praline! This picture doesn't do it a bit of justice. I love these things!^

After we had walked around Broadway Street for a bit, we jumped back in the car and headed for a fun spot for lunch: The Rainforest Cafe!

The kids had never been before, and they were totally enthralled. And once Holland got over his fear of all the fake, roaring animals, it was a hit! haha.
^I said, "Smile!"...and they did this. Haha! Such crazy goobers.^
^Boston and Cora, looking at the fishies!^
^Holland wasn't so sure about the elephant.^

^"Mom, I'm a tiger! RAWRR!"
^Such a good dad. But seriously.^
^Fish 'n chips! So good.^
We were stuffed from our late lunch, and decided to walk it off at the Gaylord Opryland Resort! My gosh, I love that place. It really feels like a mini-getaway, with it's indoor river and darling shops in the hotel. So dreamy!
^Seriously, such a dreamy place.^
^I love this picture of Boston, Cora, and Millie!! ADORABLE.^
^Nashville horses? I don't know. Seemed like a good photo-opp!^
^Love this Camden boy.^
We went into a gift shop and I was dying when Holland tried on a little red cowboy hat. As is if he could get any cuter!! I even considered buying it (...until I found out it was like $60. Whaaat?), because I could not handle it. Haha!

^Haha! I love this kid.^
After the gift shop, we walked down to the fountain show and let the kids run around some more, while we sat on our bums and watched. Haha! (How do kids always have so much energy??)

^Boston caught me sneaking a picture of him. Haha! Love this boy.^

Then we packed up, and headed back home to Elizabethtown, and our friends headed home to Alabama. Man, what a fun weekend!!

We had so much fun with the Nickell family, and it was so good to escape to Nashville for a mini-vacation. (Let's do it again soon, Nickells!!)

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