Two trunk-or-treats. (pre-Halloween)

Halloween is pretty crazy.

I always feel like by the time you get to actual Halloween, you're already Halloween-ed out. All of the parties, trunk-or-treats, and candy can really wear a person down! Haha.

Lucky for me, I have three of the cutest babies alive that make all of the Halloween insanity totally worth it. JUST LOOK AT THEM IN THEIR COSTUMES. I can't handle it.

This year we went to two trunk-or-treats, back to back, the weekend before Halloween (since Halloween was on a Monday). The first one was at a giant, nondenominational church here in Elizabethtown, and the second was out in the country for our ward! They were both so fun. Here are some photos! 

This year, Boston was The Flash, Camden was Chase from Paw Patrol, and Holland was the cutest little lion in the world.

^Boston, age 5^
^He really thinks he is the Flash in his Costume, and it's the cutest thing ever.^
^Holland the lion, 18 months.^
^Camden, 3 years^
^Puppy Chase!^

At the first trunk-or-treat on Friday night (at the non-denominational church down the street), we were totally shocked when we pulled up to about one zillion cars in the parking lot. I thought it would just be a small event, but there were THOUSANDS of people there. No joke. Like most of the town. 

It was CRAZY. 

We waited in a line to get up to the area of trick-or-treating and games, and then waited in a line to actually get to the candy for the trunk-or-treat. So we pretty much waited in line for over two hours...for candy. But the kids LOVED it, so it was worth it.
^Baby belly!^
^We were cracking up trying to zip up a jacket over Holland's costume. It was a tight squeeze. haha!^
^Boston and Mr. Skeleton Bones.^

It was a long night, and we got home really late. The kids were exhausted, covered in sticky candy goo, but they were totally happy. They really make everything worth it.

We woke up the next morning (Saturday), cleaned up the house, lounged in our jammies, and just kind of hung out (and recovered from the night before). It was the best. I'm pretty sure Holland took like a four hour nap. Then around dinner time we got cleaned up, threw on our costumes, and headed to our ward's trunk-or-treat!

A family in our ward hosted it, and they lived in the most beautiful area ever. Their home was basically surrounded by acres and acres of gorgeous Kentucky countryside, and it was heavenly. Also, the night was like 80 degrees. Such perfect weather for Halloween!!
^I even convinced Jordan to dress up! He is a really good sport. Haha!^

After we ate some yummy chili, we went on a hayride with the kiddos. Holland wasn't a fan at first, but he warmed up after a few minutes. It was SUCH a gorgeous ride right at sunset.
^He's going to kill me for posting this.^
^The view. My gosh, I love Kentucky.^
Then we went back to the party for some games, treats, and trunk-or-treating!
(You can probably guess that by this point, the kids had insaaaaaane candy stashes already. And we weren't even to the real Halloween yet! haha)
^The missionaries, playing chubby bunny. I was crying of laughter!^

So much fun. Even though I'm kind of a Scrooge about Halloween sometimes, my kids make it so much fun for me. Man, I love them!

A post about ACTUAL Halloween night, coming up next!

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