Thanksgiving week: Day in Nashville!

One of the days that Syd and Tyler were here for Thanksgiving, we decided to head to Nashville for a quick day trip! Neither of them had ever been, and it was so fun to show them around a city that we have grown to love. It ended up being pretty darn FREEZING that day, so we had to change up the plans and move a lot of our activities indoors. So, not ideal. Haha! But we still had a blast.

Our first stop was the Gaylord Opryland Resort. As you probably know (by my billions of mentions of it in my previous posts...haha), we LOVE that place! Since it was right after Thanksgiving, it was all decked out for Christmas, and it was completely magical. Giant ornaments, hot air balloons, Christmas trees and lights-- it was so incredible.

^Can you even handle this poinsettia Christmas tree??^
^Camden boy. Man, I love him.^
^Please just look at Holland's shifty eyes here. I die laughing every time!!^
^Wishing well!^
^His cheeks are the most smooshable things in the world.^

^Boston is obsessed with Tyler.

This is the part were we tried to get a cute family photo, and it didn't really work out. Haha!
My favorite part is where Holland is death-gripping Jord's face with his fingers. Hashtag, the parent life. Hashtag, it's glamourous.  
^We almost got one! Holland was reaching out for a ball. Haha!^

^Holland's face!! And that chin chub! He kills me.^
After the resort, we hopped over to the Grand Ole Opry! We were all too starving (and cheap) to do the tour, so we settled for a look around the gift shop before we called it good.

Then we headed straight to The Pharmacy Burger for some lunch, and oh man. It was so good. If you're ever in Nashville, GO THERE. The sweet potato fries will change your life!

^These two are hardcore!! haha^
^This is the cutest, lowest quality photo ever. I love it.
^I mean, RAWR.^
FOOD TIME. (The most important time.)

After we ate, we were planning to walk down Broadway street and listen to all of the musicians...but then it was freezing and raining...so that didn't happen. Haha! We went with plan b, and hit up the mall! Luckily there were tons of Christmas activities at Bass Pro Shops, so the kids didn't mind one bit. They had a blast!

^Little worker bugs.^

Jord and I know pretty much nothing about hunting/ fishing/ outdoor sports, but how cute are these two little boys with pretend guns?? (Answer: super cute.) They were SO into it!! haha.
^I can't handle him with the one-eye closed. Adorable.^
^His dimples will always slay me.^
We went to the Disney store for like two seconds, and I pretty much decided to take the kids to Disneyland based on this next photo. (I wish!!)

But really. How cute is this Holland Mickey??

Then we called it a day, and Tyler and Syd were HUGE sports to entertain our children in the back of the car for two hours while we drove home. (Thanks guys!) (But seriously. We owe you!)
^Goodbye, rainy Nashville!^

^Captain America Cam in the backseat!^

^Syd and Cam...kindred spirits.^
Such a fun day!!

Thanks for going to Nashville with us, Syd and Ty! Next time lets go when it's not frigid outside.
Mmmkay? Sounds like a plan to me!

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