Thanksgiving week fun! (louisville + swimming + abe lincoln)

While Syd and Tyler were here for Thanksgiving, we had so much fun showing them around our neck of the woods. It gets a little tricky when it's cold outside, but we made the most of it and had so much fun!

One day we drove up to Louisville to go to the temple, and they were huge sports and watched our kids so we could go! What a great way to start the day.

Meanwhile...at the church next door...

I'm so grateful for Syd and Tyler watching our crazy kiddos so that we could have a temple date!! It was so nice.

Afterwards, we headed to get some burgers for lunch! Tyler's sister and her family drove down from Indiana to see Tyler and Syd, so we met up with them for lunch. We had quite the crazy group of kiddos, but it was so fun to hang out with everyone and enjoy the bottomless fries!
I cannot handle this baby's cuteness. For real.^
^The lovebirds.^

^They are just a tad obsessed with Tyler.^

^I love this guy.^
^The group!!^

^Totally enthralled by the dog show on TV. Haha!^
^Come to mama.^
After lunch, we headed back to Elizabethtown to let the kids run around at home and get some wiggles out! And when I say run around, I mean they literally ran laps around our living room at full speed for like an hour. Where does their energy come from??
^Cute boys.^
^Sharing leftover Thanksgiving pie with Aunt Syd^
^Camden the blur. Running running running!^
The next morning, we met up with Tyler's sister and her family at their hotel for a little swimming! My kids are OBSESSED with swimming, and they had a blast!

I'm pretty sure they would swim all day, every day if we let them. They're little fishies.
^Boston man!^
^Holland wasn't so sure about the water at first. But he warmed up to it eventually!^
^Fishy Cam! This boy could seriously live in the water.^
^Congregating in the hot tub!^

^Cute little bundled babies!^

After we swam and swam, we hung out in the hotel lobby around the fire. We watched some football, let the kids play, and ate some pizza. It was a lazy afternoon, and it was awesome.
^Hanging out by the fire in my sweats. Two thumbs up!^
^Pizza time!^
Later that day, we got ready and drove out with Tyler's family to Hodgenville, KY, to see Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. It was a little bit chilly, but the kids still had a blast running and exploring around the grounds. It's a really cool place to see if you're ever in the area.

Plus, it's free! And we're all about free around here.

^Dying over these two in their Lincoln hats. Haha!^
^The little Lincoln fam.^

^Peeking into a replica of Lincoln's childhood cabin^
^Lincoln log builders!^

^He was so proud of his little cabin.^

^I mean, come on. HE IS THE CUTEST.^

After the visitors center, we headed outside to check out the monument. The sky was bright blue, the air was crisp, and it was perfect. It felt so good to get outside! It's days like that when I think, "Man. Kentucky could not get any better."
^Oh, these two canoodling fools. How we love them.^
^Nieces/ nephews pile!!! Cutest ever.^

^Exploring with daddy.^
^Holland loooooves his Aunt Syd! Also, he calls her "Biz," which is pretty much the cutest ever.^
^Syd and Ty with the boys!^
What a fun day. From swimming to exploring the Abraham Lincoln monument...we were pretty much pooped.

Syd took these super flattering pictures of Jord and I when we had parked ourselves on a bench. Haha. I think we were tired!

^So darling.^
Then we went home and the kids had cold cereal for dinner. Because yolo! haha.

^Cutest elmo boy ever.^
So much fun! (Only a couple more of these catch-up Thanksgiving time posts left...I swear! haha)

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