Warm Autumn Days.

Fall in Kentucky was freakishly warm this year, which was just amazing. If you know me, you know that I pretty much turn into a super ornery, unpleasant potato when the cold comes around, so Fall that feels like Summer is right up my alley! During the kids Fall Break from school, we literally had to bust out the kiddie pool on the daily, because it was like 87 degrees. SO INCREDIBLE. That's my kind of Fall break!!

At the beginning of November, we had the most perfect day in the history of Kentucky weather. The kids and I picked up Boston from school, and we headed over to the nature park here in Elizabethtown. The boys seriously played for hours on an old tree while I sat and soaked up the warmth, and it was glorious. Here are some photos!
^I love these tiny humans.^
^Little adventurers.^

They seriously had a blast on that tree. I love watching little boys use their imagination while they play outside. Something about it just warms my mama heart! After they were done playing, we wandered over to the war memorial for a bit, and the boys thought it was awesome. Well, Boston and Camden did, at least. Holland just mostly tried to eat rocks. #babies

Then we went on a nature walk down a trail, where the kids searched for bugs, cool rocks, and other stuff that little boys love. We found the best giant pile of crunchy leaves ever...and played in them until some guy we passed on the trail said he saw a giant snake there like two seconds ago.

So I basically freaked out and made the kids run away with me. Haha!
^Look at that mop of hair. So awesome.^

After the running-away-from-the-snake incident, we wandered into a nearby farmer's field, and the boys were obsessed with the giant hay bales. The farmer passes us on his giant tractor and waved, and the kids loved it...until he honked his super loud horn. Then they all screamed. Haha!
^Kentucky is HEAVEN.^
I told the boys how real farmers always have a piece of straw in their mouths, so obviously they had to try it out. I was cracking up!!

We plopped down on the grass for a snack break, and I took approximately ten thousand pictures of Holland. Because just look at his face and tell me, HOW COULD YOU NOT??

He's pretty delicious.

Also, I'm so glad I captured his sun-kissed skin and white-blonde locks, because now both are gone. So sad!!! Anyways, here's a few of my favorites of my squishable boy at eighteen months.
^THE CHUBBY HAND DIMPLES. I mean, come on now.^

What a perfect Fall day with my babies.

Okay, summertime, I'm ready for you to come back now!!

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