Feeding the ducks (in January!).

This winter, you guys. The weather has been completely crazy, warm, and AMAZING. We've been soaking it up in case it decides to become normal January weather again (...please don't happen. Stay! Stay, 65 degrees!!).

It's been sooooo nice to be outside with the boys, and just let them run around and explore like they love to do. It seriously makes all the difference in my sanity!! (Am I a terrible human if I don't miss the snow one bit?) But really, the warmth is just good for my soul.

The other day we went to the lake to feed the ducks. It was warm and sunny, and the boys loved it. Holland was a little freaked out by the swarms of ducks and geese at first, but he warmed up to the idea and started chucking full pieces of bread at them while he giggled and giggled.
^I love these little humans.^
^I had to include both of these photos, because the kids never look at the same time. And because also, HELLO. So cute!^

^Holland was being chased. Haha!^
^"Come here, ducky ducky!" --Boston^
^Love this Camden man.^
^"Momma? Quack quack?"--Holland Beck^

^Boston the explorer^
^They spotted a worm! Man, I love these little dudes.^
^Brothers. What can you do?^
Pretty soon the kids started to see how far they could throw rocks into the lake, you know, as they do. If there's a rock, they MUST throw it. It's some kind of little boy rule I think?
^Good form, Bost. Also, I spy a Camden bum. Haha!^

Here is the part where Holland decided to throw rocks at me. It's a good thing he's the cutest ever. Because man, he can be quite the stinker! Haha.
^"Getchoo, momma!"

What a perfect, slow-paced, warm January day. 
I'm crossing my fingers that more of these come along! 
Because my gosh, it was a good one.

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