St. Patrick's Day, 2017.

Our kids are starting to get to the ages where they REALLY love holidays. They talk about them in school, read about them in library books, and then they count down the days until each holiday finally comes. They're so into it, and I've got to say, it has been a BLAST for me as a mom. (I'm soaking up these days, because before I know it, they might think holidays are stupid and not want to do anything. Haha.)

But seriously. Kids make everything a thousand times more fun!

The boys were so excited for St. Patrick's Day this year, and couldn't WAIT until the day came. It happened to be when my sister Whitney was here visiting us for a week, so it was extra fun to have her here to celebrate with us!  We didn't do anything super crazy, but we had a fun green dinner with a green cake for dessert, and the kids loved it.
^Making a green cake with Aunt Whit!^
^Cam drew this darling St. Patrick's day rainbow at preschool. And just look at how he wrote his name. Heart melter!! He really is the sweetest kid ever.^
^Green table!^
^Green mustaches!^
^Drinking key lime green soda!^
I got baby Brighton a new St. Paddy's day onesie just for the occasion, and it was adorable on him. I still just can't get over how tiny newborns are. I mean, he is chunking up fast, but still. Look how tiny!!
^He's the best dad in the world.^
^So wide-eyed and awake!^
The older boys' favorite part of the day was definitely their green mustaches. They wore them all day, and saved them for the next day, too. Haha! I love these goobers.
^Photo bomber.^
By the end of the day, we were all exhausted. So we ate some (more) green cake, watched a little Moana (its been on repeat over here), and then we crashed pretty hard. 

Newborns, man. They're the cutest ever, but they really know how to wear you out! haha.
^Sweetest rosy-cheeked boy.^
Such a fun day.
Thanks for celebrating with us, Whit!!

(more pics from Whit's visit, coming up soon)

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