Uncle Kadan's Kentucky visit!

 A few weeks ago, Jordan's brother Kadan come out to Kentucky for a quick visit! The boys absolutely ADORE him (and by adore, I mean jump on him and wrestle him incessantly), and we loved hanging out with him for a few days. 

He was such a good sport to entertain the kiddos! He put up with their craziness and dealt with zombie-Jord and zombie-Kels...since we were still adjusting to life with a newborn. Sorry, Kadan!! Next time you come, I promise you wont have to parent our children while we crash on the couches from lack of sleep. Haha!

 But even though we were tired, we had a blast. The boys loved that he would play catch with them for hours on end in the backyard. They were in baseball heaven!
^Welcome to Kentucky, Uncle Kadan!^

While the older boys played baseball outside, I cuddled with the littles inside. Man, I love these babies. Also, please tell me the photo of Holland holding Brighton is not the cutest thing in the world.

That night we made homemade pizzas for dinner--one of the kids' favorite thing to do! So easy and so fun. Plus, I only have to half-make dinner, which is a win in my book!
^Pesto chicken pizza on the left, BBQ chicken on the right! So yummy^
The next day we drove down to Bowling Green, Kentucky to show Kadan more of Kentucky! We hear about an awesome aviation park we wanted to take the boys to, so we hopped in the car and headed out on a quick road trip. 

Before we hit up the park, though, we had to stop at one of Kadan's favorite places: Steak 'N Shake! He served his LDS mission down South in Arkansas, and loved that place while he was there. And since they don't have Steak 'N Shakes in Utah (where he lives now), we had to stop and get some!

Also, PSA: If you haven't tried their nutella shakes, you haven't lived. SO GOOD.
^Stealing from Kadan's shake!^
^Holland was definitely a fan of the milkshakes.^
Then we headed to the park to get some wiggles out!

Because like, HOW DO KIDS HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY. I get tired just watching them! Haha.
^Holland was loving this!^

After the kids ran and ran (and ran some more) at the playground, we walked over to look at the awesome airplanes that were on display. There were a bunch of different jets, and the boys were in HEAVEN. They thought it was the coolest to see them up close (and it really was!).
^Bost and Cam's engagement pose kills me every time!!! So hilarious^
^I think they were a little bit tired. haha^
So much fun!
The next day we headed into downtown Louisville to show Kadan around for a bit before he had to hop on his flight back home! We started off at the Slugger Museum--such a classic! Just know that if you ever visit us, we WILL take you here. It's pretty much my kids favorite thing ever.  
^Monkey children on the giant mitt!^
^Holland chillin' with Ted Williams^
There was an incredible baseball lego exhibit inside the museum, and it pretty much blew my kids' minds. They're obsessed with legos right, so they were in complete heaven.

"You mean ALL of these things are made with LEGOS??"

All of their wildest lego dreams came true.
^"Look, mom! I'm doin' what that guy's doin'."^
After the Slugger Museum, we walked down the street and visited Jord's office. I'd never been up to his actual office before, and oh man. It was INTENSE. Haha. He works on the 28th floor, and I was basically about to pass out from my extreme fear of heights.

I was like, "How do you work here?? I would have a nervous breakdown every day!!" Haha. (But seriously.) The kids loved looking out over Louisville and spotting different things, and only mildly freaked out about the heights.
^"Momma, WOOK!!^
^Seriously. I'm sweating just looking at this photo and remembering how high it was!^
^Cute brothers.^
 Needless to say, I was more than happy get the heck out of that building and be back on solid ground again. Man, I'm kind of a wimp. 
^I love this guy.^
^Tiny Brighton!! It's crazy how much he's already changed.^

We walked down to the Muhammad Ali Center, walked past the giant J-Law poster (did you know she's from Louisville?), and then over to the YUM Center where the Cardinals play...and then we were officially wiped out.

So we drove to California Pizza Kitchen and ate our weight in pizza and pasta. Thumbs up emoji!
^Kadan, just casually making a move on Jennifer. Haha!^
I asked Boston to snap a picture of Jordan and I, and he said, "Sure! Okay, now, kiss each other. It will be a really cute picture if you do." Haha! I love that kid.
^Can you tell they were getting sick of my constant need for photos? Haha, sorry guys.^
Then we were off to our last dinner with Kade before we sent him on his way back to Utah. So sad!!
It's always the worst when visitors have to leave.

Now. Can we all please just take a moment to appreciate this spaghetti photo of Holland?
Because OH MY GOSH. I can't handle it!! Haha!
I love him so much.
^Also, I've already decided that he needs to recreate this photo in 25 years. Because that would be awesome.^

Thanks so much for coming, Uncle Kadan!!
We loved having you. Come back soon!

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