It's Spring in KY!

Spring! I love it so much!! It's not even like I have a bad winter to complain about this year, because we only got snow like one time. Haha! But still. Spring is such a breath of fresh air when it finally comes.

Last week we got back from a short trip to Utah (for my cute sister's wedding...more photos of that in later posts!), and it felt like Kentucky completely changed to Spring while we were gone. We left a chilly day in Utah, and arrived home to 80 degree weather, green everywhere, and bright sunshine. It was glorious!! (Especially after a long day of plane-travel with four babies. Yeesh! haha)

The day after we got back from Utah, we woke up and went on the most gorgeous walk. The boys rode scooters and found little turtles on the path, and it was just one of those times where I was like, LIFE IS SO GOOD.

Then we got back from our walk and filled up the kiddie pool. The boys hopped in completely clothed, and played til their heart's content. It was awesome.

Suddenly Boston stopped scootering and yelled, "Mom! Look at that awesome rock!" and then Cam said, "No, Bost! It's a baby turtle! Let's take care of it." Haha. They made him a little home of leaves, and made sure he had enough water 'to drink' by pouring a water bottle on him.

Haha. Little boys are the best.
^Cute little turtle friend.^
We were super sweaty after our walk...so it was time for the pool!!

There's nothing better.
^Every picture I take of Camden is blurry. He's always on the go!^
^Holland's face kills me!^
^Childhood at its finest, right here.^
^This is what I get when I tell Cam to smile... a crazed monster face. Haha!^
^Farmer's tan! SWOON.^
^"Momma! I see a birdie!!^
Brighton and I hung out in the shade and watched the boys play. I'm cherishing them time where I have him as my snuggle buddy...because I know it will be like two seconds before he's right there playing alongside the others! They really do grow up at light speed.
I love Kentucky, and I love my boys. 
I can't wait for a zillion more days like this in the Summer. Bring on the lazy afternoons, and the heat! 

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