An afternoon at the lake, and thoughts on Spring.

This winter was a rough one. Not only was the weather brutal (for Kentucky, at least. We had some freeeeezing days!), but our kids kept cycling through rounds and rounds of sickness and antibiotics...and at times, I thought it would never end. It probably didn't help that I was still in an emotional tailspin from Brighton's hospital stay. He had lots of respiratory junk issues after he was released, and I was basically just a basket case trying to get him healthy over and over again.

There were some really rough patches!

I longed for the days of warmth and sunlight--not only in the weather, but for my kids and I, too. I wanted them to get past the cold and sickness, and be able to just happily PLAY outside.

And a few days ago, we did just that. It was a gorgeous Spring day, so we headed down to the lake to soak up the sun. I watched my kids throw rocks in the river, and look for flowers and bugs. Brighton crawled around in the sand-- getting covered from head to toe and loving every second of it. He's obsessed with trying to keep up with his brothers, and it was so cute to watch him explore with them.

I felt so at peace. Sitting on a blanket, watching my boys enjoy life outside. It was perfect.
^Hey Boston, please stop growing up! I can't handle it.^

^Sweetest Cam, digging a river.^

^Classic Holland.^

^The baby Brights!^

^I love my crazy circus of boys so much.^
It was such a good day. My head and my heart needed it so, so badly.

No matter how grueling Winter may be, Spring does come. Bad days will end. Sickness will leave. Cold months will fade away, and happier times are ahead when things seem rough. I can't wait for so many, many more days like this one! They are just the best.

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