Buttermilk Falls & Jailhouse Pizza!

The other day, we went on the most beautiful hike/ walk to Buttermilk Falls in Brandenburg, Kentucky. It was SUCH a hot day, but the path was shaded, and wading in the water felt like serious heaven!!

Also, we stuck to the paved path on this trail (we didn't do any intense hiking like the trail I mentioned here... so my sandals were perfect this time. haha!), and the kids rode their scooters. They counted the waterfalls we passed as they scootered around, and they just loved it!

^Obsessed with this guy.^
^Brighton was freaking out when he saw the water. "Was dat!? Was dat!?"^
^I love these boys!!^
^Cheeser Holland!^

We found this little shallow area that the kids nicknamed "The Splash Pad" and they waded around in it until their feet were going to fall off from the freezing water. There was a guy playing bluegrass music on his guitar nearby, and it was just such a perfect moment.

Kentucky really is just so unique and beautiful. If we ever move, I think I might die a little bit inside.
^I mean seriously though. These buddies are the cutest.^
After our walk, we made our way back to the car and drove around the corner for some dinner! Our friends recommended Jailhouse Pizza, which is literally a pizza joint inside of an old jail. You can explore some of the original cells, and you can even eat dinner inside of one!! 

Our kids were a little creeped out by the whole dinner table in a prison cell idea (and who am I kidding...I was too. Haha), so we opted for the open seating area. It was such a fun experience! 

If you're ever in Brandenburg, KY, you definitely need to stop here. 
^Jailhouse Pizza! In an actual jailhouse. The creepiest/ coolest!^
^Forced/ scared smile^
^More nervous smiling. I'm telling you...it was intense!^
^Waiting for your food at a restaurant like...^

We have seriously LOVED exploring so many of Kentucky's hidden gems this Summer. It's been a blast, and such a fun way to spend time together.

I can't wait to see what we'll find next. Kentucky, I love your guts.

P.S., King Brighton.

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