The Fourth of July, 2018!

The Fourth of July was SO fun this year!!

For the past couple of years, we have had really rainy weather on the fourth, which has been a bummer. So we were pumped when this year it was sunny and beautiful! (We didn't count on the SUFFOCATING humidity, though. Holy Hannah--it was hot!!!) We got out first thing in the morning and drove down to beautiful Campbellsville, Kentucky for a small town parade and celebration.

And despite the heat, we had a blast!

We are so, so blessed to live in the USA!!

It was so fun to explore a new little Kentucky town for the Fourth. Campbellsville was decked out in red, white, and blue, and it was darling.

And HOT. Have I mentioned that yet? Haha!
^Watching balloons float into the sky^

There was a free kid carnival going on, and it was a HIT with the boys! I mean, bouncy houses, cotton candy, face painting, and otter pops? They had everything their little heart's desired!

It was the perfect way to let them run around and get wiggles out before the parade started.

There was an all-you-can-eat cotton candy station, and the kids definitely took advantage of it!! They ate SO MUCH. Also, it was so humid that the cotton candy literally melted in front of your eyes if you didn't eat it quick enough, so we were cramming it in our mouths as fast as we could! Haha.

^Face first! Haha^
Then it was time for the parade!!

The boys waited for it to start--with their grocery bags in hand.--ready to snatch up all the candy they could catch. (Because they didn't get enough sugar from their cotton candy earlier. Haha)
^They were mesmerized by the baton twirlers!^
^I love them.^

After the parade, we walked back to the car and sat in the glorious air conditioning for as long as we possibly could. We were literally drenched!! It was insane. But we had so much fun!

Then we drove home, and prepped our fireworks for the night! The kids just couldn't wait until dark, so we set them off at dusk. It was still so fun!
^Waiting patiently for daddy to light the fireworks!^

Every time Jordan would light a firework, the boys would take off running like a bomb was about to explode. It was hilarious!! 

Brighton would just giggle and giggle watching them, and it was the cutest.

We had such a great Fourth!! To see our fourth of July celebrations from previous years, go here:

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