mink and walters.

I love Fall so much. Have I mentioned that yet?? Just checking. haha!

We are obsessed with pumpkin patches, and lucky for us, we live by a bunch! (to see photos from The Pumpkin Wagon, go here!) I can't pick a favorite, because they're all so cute and fun.

There's one not too far from us called Mink & Walters, and the kids beg to go there all the time. They have farm animals, pumpkins, games, and a corn maze, and my boys just can't get enough!

One Saturday in early October, we headed there as a family for the afternoon. It was definitely not "Fall" weather (hello 85 degrees, yet again. Haha!), but we still had a great time!
^scouting out the perfect pumpkin^
^Looking at the roosters!^
^Pumpkin checkers^
^His brothers buried him up in the sand, and he loved it. Haha! He is such a crazy one.^
 So much fun! We loved it so much that we went back another day during Fall Break.

Brighton was a lot less scared of the animals the second time around, and basically wanted to hop in the cages with them. Haha! (I think that would have been fine with the baby cow...but probably not so fine with the huge llama.)

The big boys even practiced "milking" a pretend cow! They thought they were pretty much experts after that. Boston said,

"Yeah, mom. I could totally be a farmer when I grow up."
^He loved the little ducks so much, and would yell "QUACK! QUACK!" over and over^
^sweaty little swinging Holland^
^"I'm the king of the world!"^
^I found corn in his clothes for days.^
^my two babies^
We had such a fun afternoon there! 

So when the boys randomly had the day off school the next week, you'd better believe we headed back to Mink & Walters for one last round of play.

(Also, they wore their matching mickey mouse shirts, so I obviously had to take a million photos of them together. Because my momma heart! Just the cutest bunch of boys ever, in my opinion.)
^My oldest and youngest babies.^
Then, after we took one hundred photos, it was playtime!!
(They are such good sports to always deal with my crazy antics haha)
^How my house usually feels. Haha^
^monkey Cam^
^"Yook at dis ta-yute pumpkin, mom!"^
^"We're racing horsies, momma!"^
^Love this baby^
Such a fun pumpkin patch!
I've said it once and I'll say it probably a million more times: Fall in Kentucky is the absolute best.

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