I hate needles and awkward places.

I have a story called "A weird and semi-traumatizing experience." It starts like this...Jord and I are going to Russia next month to teach English, and so today we decided to take a long lunch and get a bunch of stuff done that we needed to finish up. One of these things included getting an HIV test for my Russian visa. No biggie, right?

We went to the Utah County Health Clinic, and found the room labeled "HIV and STD testing." Great. Almost as fun as Disneyland. We timidly wandered in as I semi-whispered to the nurse that I needed an HIV test. I didn't want people to think I was a hooligan or something. Well its pretty safe to say that quickly after we sat down, we realized we were not in Kansas anymore. We came to this realization after noticing that we were the only traditional "boy-girl" couple in the whole waiting office. SWEET.

Lets just say that we were in and out of that office as fast as we could possibly flee... and we definitely won't be heading back anytime soon. Oh and P.S., they pricked my finger for the test, and I now know that I am the biggest baby in the world. That tiny little prick made me whine in pain all day long- I'm such a wuss.

The good news is, we'll be on our way to Russia in 7 weeks!! Moscow 1, here we come! We can't wait. :-)

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