oh hey.

So this one day, we went into open a joint bank account at Zion's bank, and we experienced a Christmas miracle. Ok, maybe it wasn't that amazing, but we did happen to score two free VIP tickets to the Kings of Leon concert. Whoop whoop! Apparently they do promos at Zions like this all the time, and we just happen to sign up for an account at the right time.

So the only thing we knew about Kings of Leon before the concert was that they had a one hit wonder... "Use Somebody" that was always on the radio. To be honest, I always thought the song said "lose somebody," and I actually kind of hated the song. I guess I still kind of hate the song. :-) But whatever, it was a really fun concert!

gangsta whaaat.

We got VIP tickets, which means we got to sit in a lounge area with couches, and pig out on yummy food. Sa-weet!

Hot wings and other goodies.

Moral of the story... even if you hate the band, you can still rock out.
Even if you do only stay for four songs. :-)

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