Night With the Wright's and Boys Morning In

Our friends Drew and Ashley Wright came over for dinner last night.  They help us out with watching Bost all the time, and he's always a handful for them.  Either they're gluttons for punishment or they're just really nice people.  

It's definitely the latter. 

 Kels had to steal Drew's hat for an impromptu photoshoot with Bost.

(Cut to the following morning)

Kels had a rough night with Bost last night, so it was Boys Morning In while we let Kels sleep in.  There's nothing like a Boys Morning In:

Jars of applesauce, playing in the bouncer, bath time, watching Clubhouse Disney, even peeing on dad.  It's a party.

And after a long morning of partying and sporadic urination, Bost crashes--sure to wake up with an applesauce hangover.

Now, a word about Clubhouse Disney.  There's something about that show that has an eerie effect on children. Take a look: 

This is Bost normally.

This is Bost on Clubhouse Disney.

It's the new baby drug on the street:  CHD.


  1. HAHAHAHA! "New baby drug on the street: CHD" Oh how that made me giggle :)

  2. He's such a MCMURTREY!!! Turn the TV on they're gone! You might as well talk to a wall!