Happy foods.

Since Jord and I are in school full-time, life can get kind of stressful!
 When have especially crazy days, I need my happy foods.
You know how sometimes you use "happy thoughts" to help you through stressful times?
Well sometimes you just need more.

You need happy FOODS.
You need CHOCOLATE. 

You know what I mean?

These babies have gotten me through some tough times of 
homework, tests, and papers this semester.
Is that weird?

I promise I am not becoming morbidly obese... haha!


As for Bost's favorite happy food?  
He is sticking with the apple juice.

Do you have any happy foods?
(Please tell me I am not the only one! haha)


  1. Cadbury Eggs FTW :) And Chubby Hubby ice cream. And Sour Patch Kids. And, um, strangely enough, 100% Whole Wheat and Honey bread. Random, I know. But yes, you are DEFINITELY not alone. Unless, of course, this "happy foods" thing is a result of some infected water in our apartment long ago. Then we're just out of luck... but at least we'll be together :)

  2. Chocolate covered cinnamon bears baby!!! Oh and can I say root beer please!
    I also love cadbury eggs as well, so addicting:)

  3. Oh yes, addicting is the right word for those cadbury eggs. I think that might be the secret reason they are only on sale for easter, not that they are easter themed. also... Cookie, or just baking. Baking is my happy food outlet and it doesn't particularly matter what the baked good is.

    I expected to see a picture of seeds up there.