Daddy's boy.

I love the time between 8 and 8:30 at night.
It is mellow-down time at our house.
Boston is just out of the tub, squeaky clean, in soft jammies, and extra lovable.

He especially loves to hang out with daddy before bed time.
Jord is so cute with him, and Boston lights up when he plays with him.
I love it.

Watch out daddy, I bite! :-)

I might go a little overboard taking pictures of these two, 
but I can't help it!
Its just so cute!
Bost loves to play airplane, and Jord is such a good sport-
even when he grabs his face. :-)

Boston is getting really good at giving kisses.
It might be more of an open mouthed-slobber-fest than a kiss, 
but hey- it is still pretty cute!

1-Kisses for daddy. 2-"Mommy?" 3-"Here I come..." 4- "I'll give you kisses too!"

Jord is such a good daddy.
Boston and I are so lucky to have him.
I love these boys!


  1. So Cute Kelsey! It through me off seeing Boston without his Fohawk. Fohawk or not.. he is still adorable!

  2. I love his combover - he looks so different! I love this little guy!!!!