Mill Hollow

We have been trying to try new places to eat and branch out from our usual picks. 
So when our good friends recommended Mill Hollow, we decided to give it a whirl!
Mill Hollow is a cute little sandwich and frozen yogurt place
 with a very "log cabin" feel to it.

Our sandwiches came hot on yummy sourdough bread.
We were a little disappointed by the sandwiches, 
(they weren't too different from Subway)
but Boston was pretty entertained by the tin foil wrapping.

But even though the sandwiches weren't anything special, 
 I LOVED the frozen yogurt!
I got chocolate and coconut, and it was SO yummy.
The coconut made me think of you, Syd, and your adventures in Hawaii.
Bost thought it was pretty delicious too. :-)

I love this boy.

We had fun trying a new place to eat!
 We will definitely be back for the frozen yogurt.

We finished off our Friday night with a little Redbox,
(Breaking Dawn... you could have been a lot better)
baby squash and some cute giggles. 



  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Take a gander at those arms. I could just pinch him to pieces! :) So cute!

  2. I was too busy gandering at his hair I didn't notice his cute arms! How can such a cute little guy have so much hair? Dax... We might need to start watering your hair with miracle grow...

  3. P.s. Boston looks so grown up in that adorable orange jacket! I love orange baby boy clothes!