When mom isn't looking...

I am really worried for when Boston starts crawling.
He is already one mischievous little man,
and it will only get worse when he becomes more mobile!  
He already keeps us on our toes. :-)

Scenario #1:
 the other day I heard Boston wake up from a nap and start babbling in his crib.
Suddenly, it got reeeaallly quite, so I knew something was up.
I poked my head into his room, and sure enough...
he had wedged his head under the crib bumper, 
and he was happily chewing away on the bars.

Scenario #2:
I was putting together plates of brownies for some neighbors,
and Jord was holding Boston up on the bar while we were talking.
I guess we weren't watching him close enough, 
because he was able to grab a fistful of brownies and shove a chunk into his mouth.
I guess he is a sucker for chocolate!  
(Wonder where he gets that from...)
Needless to say, he was pretty ticked when we took the pan of brownies away from him.

He is such a little monkey.
Its a good thing he is so cute! :-)
He can sure make a mess, but we just love our little Boston man.


  1. Well, we all know that if we don't watch BreAnne closely enough while she's sitting on the counter that SHE'LL put a fist full of brownies in her mouth. So at least Boston knows he's not alone ;)

    1. Haha, hey now! Play nicely! Oh man too bad it is true! Mmmmm... 2 minute brownie in a mug anyone?