stunna shades.

Ok, so I got a little crazy with the special effects,
and had some fun with pictures of Bost.
The poor child.
He probably won't be thrilled about these in the future, 
but for now, we will just laugh our heads off.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

#1- Nerdy Ned Bost 

#2- Notorious B.I.G. Bost

#3- Hunter Hank Bost

#4- Last but not least...
The Chosen One.
The Boy who Lived.
The Wizard of all Wizards.
Harry Potter Bost

Hope those gave you a good laugh!  
He is so entertaining, and he doesn't even know it.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha. i am seriously peeing right now!!!
    i think this is your best post yet. ha ha.

  2. mom is now dying. like she's entirely breathing.
    his faces are just so perfect for all of those. they couldn't be better fits.
    ha ha we love you guys.

  3. These are going to be the best black mail when he is older haha!