December's little moments.

December was such a good month. We spent lots and lots of time together as a family, and it was so fun.

Here are some random photos from the last month of the year that I don't want to forget. (Be warned: there is no rhyme or reason to these pictures. They're from everywhere...snapchat, my phone, Jord's phone...and there's a zillion of them. Gird your loins!)

 I love these next two comparison photos. SO GOOD! Haha. The one on the left is Holland at age 1.5, and the one on the right is Boston at five months. (Same rocking horse, different nakie kid.) Also, fat babies make my world go round.

^After church one Sunday. I love these handsome boys.^
^"Look at me, Mom. I'm a sweet robot."--Boston^
^Snapchat filters are life.^
 One night, we put all of the kids down early so I could head out the door to a girl's night. Well, all of the kids decided to boycott sleeping, so poor Jord ended up with all of them on his lap watching basketball instead of getting a moment to himself. He didn't complain at all though, and just sent me this cute photo instead. Man, I love him.
^Snuggles with Boston on the growing baby bump^

We did LOTS of crafts and coloring at the table together during the month, since it was usually too chilly to play outside. The boys are getting so creative, and I love watching what they make and draw.
^Boston drew this and said, "Look mom, we're superhero brothers! I'm the red one, Cam is blue, and Holland is green!"^
^Cam drew this one. He said, "It's you and me, mommy!" So precious. (also the CH is him trying to draw C A M. I love it.)^

December was the last month Camden and Holland would be in nursery together at church, so I had to sneak some photos of them. Just look at them side by side during snack time, patiently waiting for some food. So precious.
^Holland's face!! haha. So jazzed about food, as always.^
^The hand on the leg. I can't handle it!!^
^One of Boston's Christmas crafts^
 One day, Holland got into the winter gear box. He got a kick out of trying on a bunch of hats, and it was the cutest. P.S., he totally posed for these photos.
^Oh my gosh. The smirk!^

Our good friends in Louisville, the Styers, held their annual Christmas couples party again, and it's always a hoot. It was so worth the drvie up from E-town! We played games, ate tons of food, and had a blast. We have been so lucky with such a good group of Louisville friends! 
^My handsome date, and my growing baby bump! (I think I was 28 weeks here?)^
^The saran wrap ball game got pretty intense!! haha^
^Love these crazies!^
^I love when he wakes up from his naps. He's so cuddly and sweet.^
^Face-timing family in Utah!^
^I like how everyone just climbs up onto the table. Things are obviously super safe here in the McMurtrey home. haha^
^Cheeto boy!^
^When your husband's the YM president and he's in charge of feeding all the youth. Pizzas for days!^
Here are a thousand photos of Holland looking like a teenager in his pea coat. Because oh man, I cannot get over how grown up he is these days!!
^At the end of December, I hit 30 WEEKS. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying!^
The day after Christmas, we headed to the outlet mall to do a little shopping with Christmas money. OBVIOUSLY we had to stop at Ghirardelli for a giant hot fudge sundae....because HELLO. Is chocolate ever a bad idea?? I think not.

Also, it was randomly 72 degrees that day. On December 26th. It was awesome.
^He was a big fan of the chocolate.^
^See what I mean?^
^Digging in^
^Witchcraft. But we weren't complaining!^
^Best Christmas gift ever. Thanks Mac Family!!^
We had such a good December.

It flew by SO FAST.

Now, onto the New Year!!

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