G.C. weekend at our house.

General Conference is the greatest!
I always look forward to Oct. and April for it.
Lets be honest, if you are LDS, 
you know that Conference is kind of like a holiday.
(No church? PJ's all weekend? Junk Food? I'm in.)

Hey look, I'm actually wearing jeans and not jammie pants in one picture.  Impressive!

I love sitting back in my jammies 
and soaking in the words 
of the apostles and our cute prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

That guy is so hilarious, and so full of true happiness.
He is the best!
My other favorite guy is Elder Uchtdorf,
because he is always so handsome
 right on the money with his talks! :-)

Bost loved watching Conference.
He didn't get bored or anything...

My other favorite thing about Conference weekend?
Conference isn't complete without a sugar overdose of some kind.
Lets just say these Easter cupcakes 
didn't last too long at our house.

What a great weekend to kick back,
listen to some awesome talks, 
and hang out with my favorite boys.

Don't mind Bost's mean scratch that he gave himself in the night. Boo!

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  1. Hannah does the exact same thing to her face. Aaaand it's usually the night before we're going to be visiting with family, going to the pediatrician, or getting pictures taken. How convenient. :)