Boston vs. Beckham

When we were in high school, 
Jord had a niiiiiiiiiiice curly Afro. 
Seriously people,
it was some big hair.
(Im searching for a picture!!!)

He was on the soccer team, and he had to use
a headband to pull it back when he played...
David Beckham style.

I think Bost is following in his dad's footsteps.
All he needs is a 'Fro!

Look out Mr. Beckham, 
you've got some competition. :-)


  1. i'm having a tough debate right about now about who i'd rather kiss...
    i think boston might still win! i love that little guy!

  2. Jord's curls was the only way I could find him on the soccer field. I LOVED his curls!!!! Beckham's headband is too girly, he probably borrowed it from his wife! Boston's is more manly - even with his tongue sticking out!

  3. hey!!!! it has been way too long since seeing more boston pictures!!!! come on guys!