Sister visit, part I.

So remember how I am waaaay behind on blogging? 
Well I am. 
But now I am attempting to catch up!
So try not to get mad that these pictures are 
from a million years ago,
and I will do my best to catch up quick.

The other weekend, we had a visit from my two sisters 
who came up from St. George for the weekend.
We had a blast.  
At first, Boston wasn't so sure about the company...

But he got over it quick!
He LOVED all of the attention he got from his aunts.
He told me so.

He had quite the audience at tubby time, 
and he ate it up!
He loved showing off his rippling biceps to the ladies.
He is such a ham.

Check out those big blues!!

We had to get creative to entertain Syd and Whit here in Rexburg.
We wanted them to have fun while they were here, 
so what did we do?
Went to Wal-Mart and put random hats on Bost, of course.

We ate waaaaay too much food while they were here. 
But hey, whats a weekend without junk food?

Stay tuned folks,
more shots of the sisters' weekend visit coming soon.

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