Re-cooping from road trips.

Hey folks!
I promise we are still alive!
We had a week long break from school,
and so we took two {mini} vacations to celebrate.
Yay for spontaneous road trips!

And now, we are back in school again.
Short break, huh?
This is my last full semester though!
Can I get a hoooooorraaayy for that one??

Anywho, pictures and videos will be coming shortly
from Easter weekend,
a visit from my cute sisters,
and our road trips to Jackson Hole, WY, 
and Boise, ID.

Phewf, that's gonna be a lot of blogging.

What can I say,
We like to party
-we like-
we like to party.
 (now's your cue to bust out the efy dance to that song.)


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