Waking up is hard to do.

Bost has the sweetest personality.
when he first wakes up from a nap.
The kid can be a bear!

Exhibit A: Check out the picture on the right.  
Who would want to mess with that face?
Not I.

Luckily, he is usually back to his jolly, chubby, elf-like self
after a few minutes of daddy-time
and a handful of banana puffs. 

His face on the top right kills me!  What a funny kid.

He is just like Jord-
a little gruff when woken up from a good nap,
but back to his fun self in no time. :-)
I love these two!

I love days when I get to hang out with my boys.
I have the best job ever.

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  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL baby. !! Loving your blog!