I love sunsets.
There is just something about them-
they change my mood instantly.
I just love the "sunsetty" color.
(Baby Mama, anyone? haha!)
We went for a walk the other night, 
and there was the most beautiful sunset I had seen in a long time.

Boston was mesmerized.  
He loves taking walks, 
and this one was just perfect.  
I love nights like this.

It reminded me of an amazing sunset Jord and I witnessed
a couple of years ago in Stockholm.
Its amazing how you can be anywhere, 
and experience beauty everywhere you go.
The world is amazing!

I am so grateful for beautiful things like sunsets.
They are one of God's most beautiful creations
and they make me happy.

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  1. Loved this post! You have some darling pictures! And the one from Sweden is so cool! Love it!