before we left...

Soooo beforeI start posting zillions of pictures of Europe, 
I need to sneak in a few cute ones of our time with friends and family before we left!
We had such a blast hanging out with our favorite people in Utah.

Stop #1:
Brunch date with former Snow roomies and all of our chillins.
BreAnne was so cute and threw me a going away "Belgian Waffle" party!
The waffles were SO yummy, and the company was great!
Thanks BreAnne, Jessica, and Jord--
I had a blast!!
(And sorry again that Boston thundered towards/ frightened your children!)

Sorry these pictures have a blue-ish tint...don't know what that is all about.
Stop #2:
Lunch with Jord Bready!
I love this lady.
We had a blast eating waaaay too much good food, shopping, and catching up.
She took me to a delicious restaurant in Provo called The Awful Waffle...
(Hey BYU'ers...go there now- you won't be sorry!)
and the crepes were to DIE for. 

Stop #3:
You guessed it...
more food.
As if I am not going to get fatty-fat enough living in Belgium
(surrounded by fries, pastries, chocolates, deliciousness, etc...),
I felt like I should eat my weight's worth in the U.S. before we left.
Good call. 
But hey- I was definitely not regretting this lunch date at Rubios with my cute husband.
If you haven't had the fish tacos there... you really haven't lived yet.
For real.
They are on my top five list of favorite foods--
which is saying something.
SO yummy.

Stop #4:
The Women's Expo with the McMurtrey girls!
Has anyone ever been to this thing before?
We had no idea how big of a deal it was until we got there...
and there were hundreds of ladies everywhere! 
I think Bost might have felt a little awkward being one of a handful of men at the event, 
but he got over it when he saw the free ice cream.
Smart kid.

So that was a lot of pictures...
and I am still not done yet. Whoops!
I need to stay caught up on my blog!!!
Oh well. 
Well I might be doing like 1 more post of fun Utah stuff... 
but then on to the Europe photos...
I swear!


  1. Love your clothes in these posts ;)

  2. So cute! And I love how I'm, like, fifty feet away from you in our picture as if you have cooties or something. Either that or I was just trying to save your hair from Hannah. . . which is much more likely. :)