more utah photos!

Like I said before...
I took WAAAAYY too many pictures on our last visit in Utah.
Here are some more of them.

Bost loved playing baseball cards with the McMurtrey fam.
(not so much playing as destroying and eating them, I guess)

Check out these precious photos I snapped of Bost playing
with my mom and Syd in Provo.
Pretty adorable, huh??
He seriously melts my heart.
We met up with my fam for a Gillman family classic--
Osaka in downtown Provo.
We love that place!
If you go there, please tell the cute owner Nancy you want the shrimp tempura--asap!
(minus the "asap"...that might be kind of rude...but trust me, you want it in your belly NOW)

One night we went mini-golfing with the Mac family.
Boston was having the time of his life!!
He walked the whole course carrying his mini club,
and it was kind of the cutest thing ever.
He even helped us out by picking up random golf balls and dropping them in the hole.
He was loving it!

We had lots of improptu photo shoots on our trip.
My family is a very "Hey lets take a picture!!" family, 
so I always have a kajillion pictures of them.
It was so fun to see family--
especially Syd before she left for Russia to teach English!

We had a ton of fun with our families.
And guess what?
I still have more pictures.

One more post to come...
and then onto EUROPE photos!!
Whoop whoop!

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