London: The City!

We absolutely loved just wandering around London and admiring its charm.
It is such a unique city.
Even though there are a lot of old monuments and buildings, 
the city itself has such a young and hip vibe. 
I couldn't get enough of it.

Okay, and I would be lying if I didn't mention how OBSESSED I was with 
everyone's accents in England.
I was in heaven listening to people around us talk!
Jord kept joking that he was worried I was going to run off with some random 
British man because I was swooning over people's accents left and right.
I won't lie, I kind of felt like I was in Harry Potter.
It was awesome!!

After the British Museum, 
we made our way down to Trafalgar square across from the National Gallery.
Boston had been stuck in his stroller for a while, so he loved running free through the square
and chasing all of the pigeons.

(I promise that Jord isn't fuming angry in this next picture like it seems. 
I guess he just wasn't ready for the picture? haha)

Boston was playing with a map, 
and all of a sudden he just plopped himself down in the middle of the square to "read" it.
He is a pretty stubborn little thing...
the kid wouldn't budge!
I guess he thought he could figure out directions better than we could.

We spent a little bit of time exploring the National Gallery, 
and saw some really cool paintings by Van Gogh and Da Vinci.
(like this one)
Cameras weren't allowed (boo!)
so you will have to take my word for it that we saw some really beautiful paintings.

After the museum, we made our way down to Buckingham Palace. 
As we were walking towards it, we noticed that the whole road was roped off
and there were police men on horses everywhere.
It turns out that we had just missed the President of Indonesia, who was visiting the palace that day.
Pretty cool!

The walk to the palace was beautiful.
The fall leaves were everywhere, the air was crisp, and it was just perfect.
I think Boston loved the leaves as much as I did!

Okay, quick side note.
You may have noticed the lovely grocery bags hanging from our stroller in all of our pictures.
(see photo below)
We didn't want to take a rolling suitcase with us on our trip,
(wheely suitcases on cobblestone roads...they don't mix so well)
so we opted for a more white trash approach and stuffed all of our belongings into
backpacks and grocery bags.
We definitely  felt/ looked a little homeless at time, but hey--
it worked out great! Haha.

Annnyyyywaaayys, where was I?
Oh yes, Buckingham Palace!!
It was so awesome to see it in person.
It was still roped off from the Indonesian President's visit, but we got pretty close.

I loved seeing this memorial to Princess Diana.

We left Buckingham Palace and made our way to Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.
We were just walking and not paying too much attention,
and Big Ben kind of just appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden.
It was kind of surreal to see it in person!

Westminster Abbey was just right around the corner, and it was stunning.
It was enormous, and it was so ornately beautiful.
Here is the view from the back...

...and the front.
So pretty!

I LOVE this little boy of mine.
I am kind of obsessed.

We headed towards Big Ben to get a closer look, 
and wow--
pictures just don't do it justice!
We had a perfect view of Big Ben and the London Eye from where we were standing.

The London Eye sits right on the river, 
and apparantly has awesome views of the city.
We didn't go on it, because number one, 
it costs an arm and a leg.
And number two...
I kind of have an irrational fear of Ferris wheels. 
If it is a roller coaster, sign me up!
But giant wheels where I am suspended over the city in a shaky box?
Nooooo thank you.
(I know, I know, I'm kind of a huge baby.)

After our long day of exploring and countless PB & J's, 
we decided we needed some real food before we all passed out.
We spotted this cute little restaurant called Garfunkel's right off of Trafalgar Square, 
and we gave it a shot!

This picture is my all time favorite.

When I saw fish 'n chips on the menu, 
I knew what I would be ordering without a doubt.
Fish 'n chips in London?? Sign me up!
Best. Food. Ever.
I love me some fish 'n chips, and these were the best I have ever had-- hands down.
(totally worth the $20...whaaaa? Why must you be so expensive, England??)

After dinner, we headed to Piccadilly Circus,
(which, in fact, is so not a circus in any way)
and it totally reminded me of Times Square in New York City.
It was bustling with people and bright lights, and it was awesome.

Bost didn't get what all of the hype was about.
He fell fast asleep in his stroller--
the poor guy was worn out!
What a good sport.

We called it a night and headed to our hotel.
We had such an awesome, packed day on our first day of London!
Stay tuned for pictures of day two!!

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