London: The British Museum

Look look! 
I'm finally blogging pictures from our trip!! Whoop whoop!
For the first couple of days of our trip that we took over Halloween, we spent our time in London.
It has always been a dream of mine to go to London.
In fact, I almost did a study abroad in London through BYU a few years ago...
but then a certain handsome guy showed up and swept me off my feet, 
and I got married instead!

I am SO glad that I was able to make it to London anyways, 
and I got to take that cute husband with me!
(and a little chubster, too)
Isn't life awesome?

We hopped on a early train, and made our way from Brussels to London.
Boston was actually a pretty good sport on the train...
despite the fact that he peed all over Jord (twice! How does that even happen?).
He is a cute little stinker, and its a good thing.

By the time we arrived in London, the poor little guy was pooped from our early morning.
He was so tired that he fell asleep forward-style in his stroller.
It was pretty dang cute.

Meanwhile, I was FREAKING out that we were actually in London.
I was taking in everything...
and just loving it.

Our first stop in London was the British Museum.
Wow, was it amazing or what (and free!).
I have wanted to go to the British Museum ever since I took an awesome art history class
(at Snow College a few years ago...go Badgers!)
so it was amazing to finally be there.

This is the Rosetta Stone--
well, the back of it, anyways.
(The front of it was crowded by a giant tourist group, and I didn't want to mess.)

Our very favorite wing of the museum was the Greek and Roman architecture.
It was incredible.

So, I have to preface these next few pictures.
Ever since I took that art history class, it has been on my bucket list to see this set of sculptures.
They are carved completely of stone, 
and they used to sit atop the Parthenon in Greece.
As soon as I saw them, it took my breath away!
Maybe I am a total art history nerd, but t was simply amazing to see it in person.

Jord may have thought I was a little wacko, 
but he was a good sport and let me ooh and ahh over them for a little bit before we moved on.

And Bost?
Well, he's just cute.

Jord loooooved when I made him awkwardly pose in front of statues.
I sure love that guy.

An Easter Island Head.
Pretty awesome!

The Egyptian wing was really great, too.
They had tons of real mummies, and really old Egyptian artifacts.
Some of the mummies were a little too, uh, realistic (and dead!) for my liking,
but other ones were really cool!

The Greek vases and sculptures were pretty awesome.
I couldn't help but think about Hercules as we walked through this area!
(Who puts the glad in Glad-i-a-tooor?)

Some statues were cool...
but others were just plain creepy.
This guy, for example.

Annnnnd this?
Jord deemed it as his favorite.
In the description it said that it depicted "a naked acrobat performing on an alligator"
which apparently "really pleased the spectators."
...no joke.

Boston was such a good sport through the whole museum.
We kept him pretty happy with apples and suckers,
(at least one is healthy??)
and he was good to go!

We had to laugh at the display they had as we left the museum.
It was Halloween, so they had some informative information about the
"Halloween traditions of North America."
People were stopping to ask them questions about why pumpkins were carved, 
or what the point of Halloween in America really was.
It is pretty crazy to be somewhere other than America for holidays like that!

The British Museum was completely amazing. 
Put it on your bucket list to get there someday, 
because it is so worth it!
Stay tuned for more pictures of London, coming up soon!


  1. I can not even tell you how envious I am that you got to go to London! Also, Your pictures of Boston are always so adorable!

  2. I took an art history class too and I feel the same way. I love all this stuff you got to see. I'm so jealous. Glad you guys are having fun. Boston is too cute, I just can't get over that kid.

  3. You made me laugh out loud multiple times during this post! So fun to read about and see your adventures!