Mexico: Part uno!

After we said goodbye to the fun cousins in Mesa, we set off to Mexico!
We crammed all of us...yep, seven adults and a baby... into one car.
It made for quite the trip!
Lets just say that we were pretty excited when we finally pulled into the resort. 

Look at these faces. 
Don't they look thrilled to be out after a long car ride?
(Except for Jord...I'm not quite sure what that photo-bomb face is all about)

We were even more excited when we realized that we would be
hanging out in a place like this all week...

It was so gorgeous.
70 degree weather in December, on a beach?
Sign me up!!

Bost was pretty confused where we were at first,
(the poor guy hadn't had a solid home base for a month at this point)
but he warmed up to it as soon as he saw the beach balls.

He was getting a kick out of balancing the football in between his head and the mirror.
What a little goof!

As soon as we could, we headed down to the beach!
We were not about to miss out on the sand and the sun for one minute.

Don't mind my "I just woke up and threw on some sweats over my swimming suit" look. :-)

The resort we stayed at had its own private beach, 
so there were usually only ten people or less out there with us.
We were loving it!!

From the second Boston's toes hit the sand, he was in heaven.
It was pretty much like:
"So you mean that I can run anywhere I want, throw this dirt everywhere, and even
rub it in my hair, and you won't get mad?? This is awesome!"

He didn't even mind that the water was a tad chilly.
He went straight for it!

I kind of love this picture of my mom.
I don't know what she was laughing at, but it must have been dang funny!! 
So priceless.

Everyone got pretty into building a giant sandcastle.
Well... at least that's what it started as.
(You will see the finished product in just a sec!)
I don't know how much help destructo-baby was in the building process,
but he sure had  fun making a mess!

Annnnnd, here is the finished sand product:
A creeper man's face...
complete with a zit and a mustache.
You've gotta love it!

Here are the creators of the masterpiece.
They were pretty proud of their work!

More pictures...coming soon!

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