Ghent, Belgium!

You guessed it,
here is another catch-up post from a few months back! :-)

Before we had to come back to America,  
we decided to take a trip to Ghent, which was only about a 40 minute train ride away.
It is famous for a giant castle in the middle of the city called Gravensteen Castle, 
and we couldn't wait to see it!

It was such a quaint little city.
It felt a lot less touristy than Brugge or Brussels, which was nice!
We loved wandering the streets and seeing all of the cool cathedrals and canals.

I loved these little carts everywhere that sold fresh oysters.
They were so cute!
(Well, not so much the smell...but the looks!)

We rounded a corner and bumped right into Gravensteen Castle, 
and WOW!
It was so awesome to see a real castle up close.
It was built in the Middle Ages, so it has been around for quite a while!

Even though it was pretty chilly, 
Boston was a good sport and hung out in his stroller while we explored.
As long as we kept him bundled, he was a happy camper!

The canals were so beautiful and serene.
I wish that America had canals like the ones in Europe that go through the centers of cities.
It gives the cities such a cool feeling!

I loved the smell of fresh bread that they were selling in carts on the street.

Bost about jumped out of his chair when he saw this fake lamb.
I think he was a little confused, though, because he kept saying,
"Woof woof! Woof woof!" 
Oh well.

We loved exploring the city of Ghent. 
If you are ever in Belgium, 
make your way over to see the Gravensteen Castle.
It is pretty awesome!

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