The end is in sight...

Guess what, people?
Only THREE more weeks of school until we are officially graduated!!
I can't wait. 
Here's the thing:
I have senioritis in the worst possible way. It is bad.
That 20 page paper I should be working on?
Noooot happening. 
I would much rather be playing with Bost, or lets be honest, taking a nap.
(Making a human is tiring stuff!)

I am SO excited to graduate, I can hardly wait!
In the mean time, I need some motivating tips on how to stay on task...
especially during the last home-stretch of school.
Any words of wisdom from you post-grads out there??

We are SO close!!

P.S. Boston carries his basketball everywhere we go. 
But you aren't surprised, are you?
He is one obsessed little kid, 
and I love his guts.


  1. You look gorgeous, Kels! As usualy :) Congrats on being nearly-almost-really-closely graduated!

  2. I'm struggling with the same thing! Haha good luck!