1st park day of the season.

So, now that I look at these pictures
(and see that we are bundled and red-nosed)
I realize that it probably wasn't quite warm enough to go to the park when we did.
But you know what?
We needed to get out of the house, and so to the park we went!

It is safe to say that Boston LOVED the park.
You can probably tell...
since his face in every single one of these pictures is a cheeser.
He was in heaven!!

Even though it is blurry, this one kills me.
What a little ham!

I mean seriously, 
where does he come from??
I love it.

Every time he went down the slide, 
he would stand up and say
"Moe? Moe? Moe?"

(aka: "More!!")

He just loved it, 
and he didn't even mind that there was still snow on the ground.
What a trooper. 

This is not the most flattering picture of me or Jord...
but Bost looks cute, so here it is!

When we told Boston it was time to leave, 
he looked at the ground and said
"I saaaat. Momma, I saaaat."

(aka: "Mom, don't make me go home! I'm saaaad.")

And you know what?
If it had been ten degrees warmer, we would have stayed and played all night.
Don't worry Bost- there will be plenty more park days to come!

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