Easter weekend, 2013.

We kicked off Easter weekend this year with a fun date night!
I love date nights with Jord.
It is so fun to talk and hold hands, and feel like we're dating again.
(...minus the pregnant belly. Haha!)

We went to Red Robin for the first time, 
and we loved it!
Helloooooo giant onion rings...
I could seriously eat them every day!!

Welcome to the biggest burger of my life.
Once I figured out how to get my mouth around it,
it was delish!

It is always nice to get out, just the two of us, for a fun date night!
The conversation is great, and I won't lie--
it's awesome to eat dinner and not worry about our child throwing food
across the restaurant.
(Thanks Jarmans for babysitting for us... we owe you guys big!)

The next day, we decided to take Boston to his first-ever Easter egg hunt.
They had one at Fat Cats where the split up the kids by age, 
so it was perfect!

Ok...his cheeser face is getting violent! Haha.

He loved putting eggs in his basket for about three seconds...
and then he ran right over to the "shoot it"--
aka the basketball game.
Go figure!

He spent more time on the race car game and the basketball game
then he did on the actual egg hunt.
Oh well... at least we tried! Haha.

Four Easter eggs, a race car ride, and a mini-meltdown later,
we called it good and headed home.

After a much needed nap for me and Boston,
(I'm 8 months pregnant...and squeezing in all of the naps I can get!!)
we headed to the park to play.
It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Cute bum, where you from?

Bost loved playing baseball with daddy.
He mostly just tried to putt the balls off of the ground with the bat...
but he is learning! 

I always snag him in the middle of the fun for some picture-taking.
The poor kid!

A puppy wandered over to us, and Boston was in heaven.
He is obsessed with dogs!!
He got a little frustrated when he couldn't pick up the puppy like he 
does with his stuffed animals, though. Haha!

Favorite picture of the day, right here. 
I love it.

What a fun weekend.
The warm weather makes all the difference!
I finally don't feel like I am hibernating in a cave anymore, and it's glorious.

Pictures of Easter morning, coming up next!


  1. I can't believe this was your first time at Red Robin. Doug and I love that place. But they kinda skimp on the frys so we are always asking for more. Boston is so dang cute Kelsey. I'm so jealous of all of his hair.

  2. Oh no-you said Red Robin and now my preggo cravings are kicking in! You're such a cute pregnant woman!