Easter Sunday, 2013.

The Easter bunny spoiled our little man this year.
He came after Boston woke up from his post-church Sunday nap,
and Bost had no idea what was going on.

All he saw was a brand new basketball on the couch...
and he was in heaven.
He could have cared less about the easter eggs all around the house!
 Actually, he did find a chocolate candy egg,  yelled

"FOOTBAAW! Nummmmm!"

and popped it in his mouth.
Whatever works, right?

He is going through a HUGE Toy Story phase right now,
so he was pretty excited about the giant stuffed Buzz doll.
He kept trying to push his button and give him loves.
It was the cutest!

Now he insists that Buzz watches Toy Story with him.
What cute little buddies.

The Easter Bunny brought us some goodies too!
For Jord,
The Dark Knight Rises, a new hair buzzer, and some reeses eggs.

For me, 
Some cute post-baby shirts, peeps (why do I love those things??),
and of course, What to Expect When You're Expecting.
That movie just kills me!!
And I guess it is fairly appropriate for me right now. Haha!

After dinner, Jord and Bost went outside in the gorgeous weather to shoot some hoops...
in the parking lot.
Since we live in an apartment complex with very little grass,
we have to get creative!

We finished our Easter Sunday with some yummy strawberry shortcake.
I love this stuff!

I love Easter. 
It is fun to do the whole "Easter Bunny" thing 
now that we have a little kiddo who enjoys it!

It is also a special time to reflect on the Savior and the atonement.
Easter represents a time of hope and renewal, 
and for that I am grateful!
Speaking of which, 
are you guys excited for General Conference this weekend?
I can't wait!


  1. LOVE. Cute, cute, cute! My favorite picture is Boston looking at his Buzz. And speaking of obsessed, Hannah can't get enough of "Tangled" right now. She barks like a dog and laughs every. single. time the horse comes on the screen. She's a little confused, but it's still adorable :)

  2. I feel like Boston is looking slim, is he watching his diet lately?