I  was thinking the other day,well, these things: "You know? I have the cutest kid ever who says the cutest things ever. Maybe I should document said things."  So, here I am. And here we go!

If you have never had a conversation with my Boston boy, you need to. It is quite entertaining. He gets this really serious, wide-eyed look on his face when he is trying to talk to you, and it's so sta-ink-ing cute I could die. Because even if whats coming out of his mouth sounds like alien-speak, he knows exactly what he is saying. Adorable. Here are some of my favorite moments as of late:

1.Boston is obsessed with Space Jam. Never mind that the movie was made when his parents were just little guys themselves, and never mind that Michael Jordan has his moments of sub-par acting, Bost loves it. Loooooooves it. So the other day we were eating dinner, and I gave him some jam on a roll. Next thing I know, he is pointing to the jar of strawberry jelly, yelling:

"More SPACE JAM peeeeese!!!"      ....and we lost it. haha.

2. Precurser to this next story: Boston loves going to the splash pad water park. Well, he loves going there, but he hates doing anything involving the water...so we mostly just go there and stand... Ok, we're back. So since I am nursing Camden, like you know, every ten seconds (babies!), Boston has grown accustomed to seeing me plopped down on the couch with a baby on my lap. I didn't know how much so, though, until yesterday he found one of my nursing pads. He stuffed the thing up his shirt and asked, "Spash pads?"

Oh, that boy. (also, a weirdly accurate description of what the things are.)

3. His favorite food? A torn up waffle, dipped in nutella. Whenever I ask him what he wants to eat...no matter if it is 9 am or 9 pm... I always get a "Chockitt fawffle peeese?" from him. He must get that slight nutella obsession from his father. (I kid I kid) So then I will repeat back his food order, and he gives me a full-on belly chuckle and an okay, which sounds mostly like "hu hu hu O-tay!" It's my favorite.

4. The boy loves to play catch. With anyone, and anything. The other day I heard him throwing his basketball at a picture of Jesus in our front room, yelling "TETCH, Yee-yus!" Irreverent? Or just so. stinking. cute. (I'll go with the second one.)

5. When my parents were here visiting, my mom took Boston on a walk outside in the rain and helped him spot all of the worms on the sidewalk. She would point and say "Biiiiig worm, tiny worm!" And Boston caught on real quick. The only problem is, now he thinks that 'worm' sounds like 'warm'. So when he freaks out about his food being too hot, and i say that it is just warm, he yells,

"Beeeeg warm, tiny warm!"  ...thanks for confusing the poor boy, grandma. (No but really- it's adorable!)

You know what my very favorite Boston-ism is, to boot? 

"I yuuuh yoooooou."

 So perfect. His precious bubbly voice and his tiny chubby rolls...ahh. That boy.

Heart melter, every time. I love that kid a whole lot. Even a whole bag of gummy... warms.

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