I'm just going to warn you that this post is a straight-up photo bombardment (?) if there ever was one. You see, this post mainly consists of Boston in a swimming suit. And when you stick a chubby chubster like that into a swim suit so his buddah belly is all over the place...you kind of can't help but post five thousand pictures of it. You know what I mean?

You will, oh you will.

So a couple of weekends ago, we were like "We miss the Wrights! Let's invite ourselves to go visit them in Incom!" And it turns out that they didn't even mind one bit. They really are the best. (Wanna move to Lexington, guys??)

We had a blast swimming (well, the babies), chatting it up (well, the grown-ups), and eating barbequed burgers. Is there anything better than a summer bbq?? I think not.

Hey Jord, you're cute.
Wanna kiss?

["PDA is the worst, mom. C'mon now." -Boston]


Buddah Bellaaaaay. You see what I mean?? Can't. get. enough.

Drew's parents were nice enough to let us invade their house slash yard slash air conditioning.
 It was glorious.
Also, they have chickens! 
Over and over, Boston was like "Biiiiiiig shicken?!"
(again with the cursing)

He grew twelve feet when Ashley asked if he wanted to get the eggs.
"What? You want me to perform the sacred egg gathering duties? You won't be disappointed!"
(I swear, he said it.)

Meanwhile, me and Jord (Jord and I?? Curse you English degree!)
 snapped some quality selfies,  hash tag Ilovemyhubster...
and Camden channel-surfed on the couch.
P.S. Can you guessed who dressed Cam?
Hint: It wasn't me.

...and back outside, Bost was like 

and it was still adorable.

Then Bost and Cam were suddenly like "Whatchoo lookin' at?" in a 
creepy simultaneous moment of brotherhood.
(See next two photos for proof)

Abbi was chowing down on her cookie! 
Nothing better than a cookie, a swimsuit, and the great outdoors.
Am I right, Abbi?

What's that? A hundred more pictures, you say? 
Your wish is granted.

These are the Wrights. They are the best.
Thanks for letting us come and play, guys!

When we were about to pack up and head home,
we thought "Hey! Let's take some pictures of our cute babies together!"

And we had visions of sugarplums and fairies and 
perfectly still, smiling children in our brains.
Instead, this.
A barrage of chaotic happy blurriness.

I love em!

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