Pizza Hut-Shmeetza hut.

Here's a story for you. On Saturday, we were like "Cooking is the worst. Let's go out to eat." (Okay maybe that was just me)... so we decided that hey! Pizza is a great Saturday night food! Let's do that! So we took five hours getting ready (you know, doing a little something like diaper change, feed a child, diaper change, get dressed for the day at 4:30, diaper change, put make-up on, diaper ch.... you get the idea). And we headed to Pizza Hut.

This is when things got ugly.

We walked into the joint, and I kid you not, it was thirteen hundred degrees. No exaggeration!! Poor Boston was sweating bullets just sitting and coloring on the kids menu. So we tried to be like "Ohhh, it's not that bad..." and that game lasted all of three minutes. We picked up our children, and awkwardly exited that sweat box.

So of course, Chinese food was the next best thing...that turned out to be the way better thing. Jord was all, "I've heard of this place on the other side of town [I know...sketchy sounding already, right??], and it's supposed to be, like, the best in Rexburg or something." So with that glowing recommendation, we were sold.

...until we pulled up.

I know.
So then it went down like this.
me: "Uh, honey, are you sure this isn't a used car part store?" 
him: "Not really."
me: "Okay. Let's do this."

And actually, we were so happy we did! Because hello, THIS:

...and fries and grilled cheese for the picky toddler?? You'da best, Chinese-food-place-with-a-creepy-exterior. You highly satisfying thing, you.

After we had eaten three pounds of lo mein and sweet 'n sour chicken (healthy food goals whaaaaaat?), we cracked open some pretty intense fortunes. Jord's said "Opportunity awaits you on next Tuesday," and guess what happened on Tuesday?????

nothing. dumb thing.

Mine said "Take that chance you have been considering." I figure it to mean "Take that chance on buying that way-to-expensive-but-perfect-pair-of-shoes at Target". Sounds legit, right?

So, thanks for saving our pizza-less Saturday, weird Chinese restaurant. You and your spicy cashew chicken were good to us.

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  1. Seriously, those pictures are making me drool. Drew and I would go to that Chinese restaurant almost weekly! It was our favorite! I'm so jealous!