Got a Basketball Jones, oh baby, oo-oo-ooo.

Please tell me you know what song I am singing there.
(Chris Rock? Space Jam? Anybody anybody?)

I won't bore you with telling you for the millionth time how obsessed boy #1 is with basketball.
(Is it okay if I resort to numbering my children, now that I have two?
I feel like it is appropriate to begin that tradition.)

He is beyond obsessed.
Here are some cute pictures from a random Monday evening to prove it.

While the guys played, I bombarded boy #2's tent-of-wonder with 
an annoying flashing camera light.
Poor Cam Bam.
But if my children must learn anything, it is that a camera will be shoved into
their faces for the rest of their lives...so what better time to learn that fact then now?

He's a stinking cute little goob.
I kind of love him- just a titch.

Also, I love this man.
(man #1?)
(nope...that's pushing it.)

Favorite photo of the day award goes to...

 I mean seriously.
Is that tiny human in a giant field not the cutest thing ever?

I will say this, though.
He is the cutest kid on the playground (a non-biased statement...),
but he is thee wimpiest kid on the playground.
He stayed and played on these steps for probably, oh, a solid hour.
We've got to work on his bravery-ness.
For sure.

Anyways, then we went to Cold Stone.
Well, at first we tried to get root beer floats in frosty mugs from KFC/A&W,
because who doesn't love a good root beer float?
But then they were like 
"We only have Mug rootbeer from the fountain"
and we realized that it was just a KFC...not an A&W...
and so they could only provide nasty chicken and not root beer floats.

It was awkward.

Hence, the Cold Stone.

So that was that!

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  1. I love that Boston's shorts look like pants on him. Love the numbering of the children.