Three years ago, he put a ring on it.

 Guess what?
Jordan and I (me and Jordan? I should know this...) have been married for THREE years!
It is just crazy to me.
 Who would have thought that in three years we would have...

got married
lived in five cities, two states, and three countries
had two kids
graduated from BYU-Idaho together with our bachelor's degrees
been accepted to grad school in Lexington, Kentucky,
and traveled to 12 countries together.

 After thinking back on all we have done, it feels like we have been married 
for ten years...not three. 
It's nuts!! I love Jordan Race more than I ever thought I could.
He is kind of my favorite.
(...shhhh, don't tell Boston. He's kind of a sensitive momma's boy right now.)

To celebrate our anniversary, we ate food!
Texas Roadhouse, baby.
Let me just tell you something.
Every time we go to this place, 
I embark on a love affair with the rolls and cinnamon butter.
And they just keep bringing them to you!!
It's a problem. 

We left Boston boy with a babysitter (Thank you Jarmans!!),
but boy #2 tagged along with us.
I guess when your mom is the food wagon...
you get to join in on lots of adventures that your brother doesn't.
So is life.

Um, he's cute.

Thanks for an amazing three years, my man!!
In the words of Selena Gomez,
I, I love you like a love song baby,
and I keep hitting

(Oh Selena, how you make me cringe.)

But seriously, I LOVE YOU!
Happy anniversary, you sexay thing, you.

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